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Cutie Cat Shelf

Hi there! In this post, I am going to show you a little upcycle project that I just completed!

This started as a fun little family outing to one of our favorite local antique malls. We have so much fun there because we just never know what we will find. My daughter happened upon this gem of a shelf and thought it would be perfect to display some of her little cutie collectibles. (Anyone else have a Hatchimal collEGGter in their house??)

The nose and whiskers were not stuck very well on the cat and so they were easy to remove. Next, I decided to go with a pastel purple for the main color. Once the base color was on, I sketched her little nose and eyelashes on with a pencil. Since it was Valentine's weekend, my kiddos had been sporting their heart-shaped sunglasses. This was my inspiration to give the cat some too. I loosely traced my daughter's pair of sunglasses onto a piece of paper, cut it out, and used it as a stencil to draw them onto the cat as well.

Then I chose a fun coordinating pink and turquoise paint for the details and painted them over the sketched areas. Here is the final product!

After the paint dried, I hung it on the wall and later found these little guys on there:

I love how it turned out! Thanks for reading!


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